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July 5th, 2015

Sales Automation CRM

More businesses adopting Sales Automation CRM Lead Management Systems

Gartner research reveals that companies that automate crm lead management see a 10% or greater increase in revenue within 6-9 months.

The most popular way to automate your business lead management is through a CRM software system. There are many traditional CRM packages on the market some that offer a one-fits-all solution or others that can customise the automated lead management feature however these have proven complex and expensive to implement in the past. This had been particularly frustrating for different industry sector businesses that needed a more tailored lead management system.

However times are changing and the good news is there is a new breed of Cloud based CRM’s that deliver automated custom lead management in a much more simplistic and affordable way.

What key problems do businesses encounter that persuades them to adopt an automated lead management system in the first place?

1. Overcalling prospects

Many business prospect data can be messy with duplicates. This poses a problem when the data is shared out where leads may be called by more than one representative damaging the lead potential through over-calling.

The solution is to uploade the data into a pool system within the CRM. This will merge all duplicates into the CRM system and then allocate the leads to one sales representative at a time. Also these leads can then be set to change status if there is no engagement (i.e. get filtered out of the current list and pulled back in automatically again at a later date). Hot leads can be pushed to other team members to follow-up, dead leads can be automatically removed from the list completely or hidden from the pool but still accessible to other parts of the business. Having the ability to set up rules on the prospect data lists enables sales teams to manage the pool of leads really efficiently.

2. Poor Call Back Rates

Most sales teams get caught up in the process of reaching cold call sales targets each week and fail in the most crucial part of the sales pipeline – the call back or follow up. An effective automated lead management system enables decision makers to be identified quickly, call backs set up as automated email or pop up task reminders when due, sales appointments booked into the central calendar automatically with a confirmation email or sms alert and follow up task reminder allocated to the sales person responsible for the face to face or online appointment.

3. No centralise system to easily track the sales pipeline within the team

Automate the whole sales pipeline and order process with the use of trigger button actions, automated task and event reminders, set up bookings, trigger letters or emails to prospects confirming quotations, proposals, orders or sales all at the touch of a button.

4. Ability now to monitor and compare call and sales activity against each sales representative

For any business it is important to have the best sales team possible but many businesses do not monitor team productivity as they lack the tools to do so. It is crucial to be able to monitor individual work activity and results and this can be done through reporting. The ability to see and compare the number of calls done over a month by each team member, the quality of call (i.e. call duration and listening to call recording), work productivity i.e. number of emails, quotes, bookings, products sold etc. Being able to pull this information up at a touch of a button against any time criteria is vital to ensure all the sales team are working at the best capacity they can. A cloud base CRM with integrated telephony can offer you just this – check out






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