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CRM VoIP with Call Centre Features

August 1st, 2016

call centre voip

icomplete CRM VoIP is  cloud based and popular with call centre businesses. It offers them flexibility to set up their call centre, help-desk or sales team from anywhere.  Many use remote workers to keep down cost.

The platform can be customised to adapt to specific needs and requirements with access to our in-house development team. The system also has integrated SMS, email, emarketing, task management, calendar booking and direct mail services to provide great work flow automation triggers key to any call centre company.

Improve productivity and activate marketing or sales follow up at a touch of a button.  Financial Services love the call recording and muting services as they are PCI compliant.

Popular CRM VoIP Features used by business owners:

  • Click2call with caller ID pop-up alert
  • Call Mute – PCI compliant
  • Call routing (IVR – auto attendant)
  • Call Recording & activity reports
  • Automated Sales Leads allocator to evenly distribute leads amongst the team
  • Pop up scripts, Forms and Letters
  • Work Flow Automation with automated tasks, email or SMS reminders or messaging
  • Why not Discover more with a free online demo or no obligation trial click here

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