Venues4 is a specialist international venue finding service. We provide a one-stop solution for your organisation to source the right venue according to your specific requirements.
We work with hotels, congress centres and conference and events venues that meet your needs.
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Why We Use enables me and my team to work from home providing us with a seamless system where we can all share information instantly, keeping us all up to date and informed.
Before using we stored our information all over the place using different systems this was messy and information took longer to retrieve.
As a result of using we no longer require a server so it suits us down to the ground with everyone working remotely.

Contact Management

Keeping all information on business contacts which include corporate clients and conference venues in one place is great we can work faster having all the info at our fingertips.
Adding new contacts is easy and the system allows us to record specific information and a full history of communication. also allows us to bespoke the software so that it fits our industry, we can capture key information, history, notes and keep on track of tasks. Using the unique tag feature we can segment our contacts into relevant groups which is great for e-marketing and reporting purposes!

Integrated CRM with VoIP

The VOIP phone system integrated into the CRM is brilliant as it gives callers the impression that we are all in one office instead of working remotely. We can each transfer calls between the team instantly without any delays or issues. Making a call is easy with the click to call feature and with the call logs and call recording instantly available this is an added benefit of the software.

Integrated CRM with E-marketing

We can design our own professional email campaigns using the intergrated e-marketing software, it’s easy to use unlike other e-marketing software we’ve used in the past. We can now effectively target our corporate clients with campaigns which has had a positive effect on our business and is excellent value for money!

Shared Calendars

As we work remotely it’s important for the team and I to be able to see where everyone is, icomplete Calendar allows us to see this information in a highly visual way, we can track appointments and keep up to date on what everyone is doing.

File Storage

Unlimited file storage is brilliant for our business where we can share all our documents and attach documents to a contact record.

Would we recommend icomplete to other similar businesses? is so simple to use its great to be able to use one system with brings everything we need altogether in one place!. We can access it on our tablets or mobiles too when we are travelling to clients or working abroad when researching and reviewing venues.


Angelina Hibbert, Managing Director

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