Tatami Fightwear

Tatami Fightwear

Tatami Fightwear was established in 2009 by Gareth and Lee to address a need for good quality BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) equipment and clothing at affordable prices.
As a martial arts teacher and a brown belt in BJJ, Gareth was involved in teaching children and adults in deprived areas and found it increasing difficult to find good quality equipment at prices his students could afford. That’s when Tatami Fightwear was born.

Tatami Fightwear products are now available in over 30 countries across the globe and through over 300 academies and 100 online shops. We are also proud to sponsor some of the world’s greatest fighters like Fernando ‘Terere’ Augusto and Robson Moura. We also support up and coming BJJ talent from around the world with our sponsorship programme.

For more information visit: tatamifightwear.com

What we needed in a CRM system

As our business grew bigger we needed a system in place to hold all our customers and suppliers contact details in one place that can be accessed by our staff.

We needed to find a solution to managing our customers and suppliers that was going to be easy to use and that didn’t cost us a lot of money.

Why we choose

After taking a free trial of icomplete we were impressed by the system and what it offered us for only a small amount of money each month.

It’s really good, so easy and user friendly, our staff love it as it makes their work so much less complicated and with the task reminders things don’t get forgotten.

The database holds all the info on our customers and suppliers in one place, its easy to search and you can see a history of all orders made by each customer and orders placed with a supplier.

We use icomplete to keep track of all current orders and orders pending and using email I can directly order stock from our suppliers.

Why other businesses could benefit?

I would definitely recommend using icomplete to other businesses as it has made such a difference to the way we run our business.

Our Customers

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