Sutton Media – CRM VoiP Telephony Solution

Sutton Media – CRM VoiP Telephony Solution

Company Profile

Sutton Media were looking for a CRM VoIP telephony solution for their business which works with local authorities, business and the police throughout the UK to help promote small business. We also reduce flyposting and illegal advertising as we operate at a very affordable price for small businesses. We have been established for over 15 years. Visit our website

Why I chose

Having previously used Zoho, which I became unhappy with as it was too complex, I needed a much simpler system which would bring all information together. icomplete CRM VoIP bundles together all information on contacts which is easy to view and locate all information. The system is flexible and allows us to expand our workforce by enabling people to work from home.

Features I like

The tag system is very good to enable me to assign contacts to team members and create tasks which I can track to completion.
To have calls which are unanswered bounce back to our head office ensures that we can service our clients.
I can keep an eye on all phone activity by the digiboard which set up for me as a bespoke request so that I can track all calls made by my team on a daily basis.

Bespoke Solutions

I wanted a customised system which reflected our businesses processes, icomplete CRM VoIP delivered for me a bespoke solution which was done at a fraction of the cost that I would never have imagined.
They created a daily call management tool which allows us to see on a separate screen the number of calls made by the team – this keeps the team competitive as they can monitor their own performance and improves motivation massively as the team double their efforts to get ahead.
A quotation and booking reservation system was also created as a bespoke solution which enables us to send out quotations quickly and to make reservations for outdoor advertising.

Integrated VoIP Calls

This allows us to work flexibly with people working from home and being able to make and receive calls as if we were all located in one office instead of being spread out at various locations.
If any calls go unanswered they are automatically routed back to our head office where they can be answered so avoiding no missed opportunities.
The VoIP system works well and is much clearer than a standard telephone line. We use the Gigaset Desk phones which were provided and configured by icomplete CRM VoIP telephony, all we had to do was plug-in and the phones were ready to use.
Headsets were also provided which I am now a great fan of speaking ‘hands-free’ so that I can type away while speaking.

We find the Gigaset phones easy to operate and it’s very simple to learn some of the extra functions the phone allows such as conference calling, loud speaker and call forwarding.

Integrated Emails

Using the integrated email system is very handy as we can create different email templates which are consistent with our branding to send out individual email to contacts at the touch of a button. Emails are tracked so we can see when they have been opened and how many times and also if any links were clicked.

Help and Support

The team at are charming and have always been efficient and ready to help with any questions and I have generally been contacted immediately about any issues or soon afterwards.

Why I recommend to other businesses…

I would happily recommend icomplete CRM VoIP Telephony to anyone as I believe a system such as this should be more widely used. I am happy to verbally recommend to any interested company.

Sutton Media – CRM VoiP Telephony Solution
Sutton Media – CRM VoiP Telephony Solution

Neil Oakden, Managing Director

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