Smartlocal Marketing

Smartlocal Marketing

Smartlocal Marketing is an award-winning family owned business which was formed in September 2010 to launch a multi-media advertising platform.

Smartlocal Marketing, offers any business, of any size, the choice to use various forms of innovative and thought provoking media solutions at very affordable prices. Over the years we have created a very flexible and adaptable organization to support the ever changing market place and the needs of our customers.

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Why we chose

Smartlocal Marketing needed a mechanism to manage the influx of data that was pouring in on a daily basis we needed a robust and bespoke system that would host contact information, purchase information, types of customers. We also needed a system to sort our data to enable us to understand and build customer relationships, their unique requirements and provide our sales team with the tools they required to grow the business.

How it helps us

icomplete CRM has helped us to increase visibility and analyse our customer base more effectively by having all our information in one place. It has also enabled us to be more efficient by being able to access information more quickly, list, track and complete tasks more effectively.

Creating tags on icomplete CRM has been a strong asset as it has enabled us to define our customers into different types which results in us being able to find opportunities and potential customers more quickly.

Why we would recommend

Smartlocal Marketing has found the support from icomplete team to be first class, very friendly and they are always eager to resolve any issues you may have, offer different approaches to sort data and provide any training that maybe required. In terms of the price point, the costs to our business have proved to be exceptional value for money.

Smartlocal Marketing
Smartlocal Marketing

Audrey Catteral, Smartlocal Marketing

Our Customers

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