At Schokolat, we provide an innovative and fun range of novelty chocolate products. Handmade from the finest chocolate we have a wide collection of authentic looking chocolate tools and kitchen items. These are ideal for Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mothers’ & Fathers’ Day, Corporate Gifts and other events. The products are all hand crafted, helping to give them their authentic rustic and aged look.

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What we wanted from a CRM system?

Being a small novelty chocolate manufacturer, we needed a simple CRM system that would assist us in the early start-up phase of the business.

Why we chose icomplete?

We selected icomplete CRM due to its ease of use and ability to interface to our website for customer data collection. The system has helped us to collate customer details, produce emailers and newsletters to new and existing customers. It is ideal for start-up or small businesses looking for a quick and easy system with minimal training and set-up time.

We have customised icomplete to track and manage our online orders by setting up an auto-feed from our website order form which pushes the details directly into our icomplete account where we can immediately see new orders coming in. We can react to the orders instantly.

These new orders automatically create new contact records and any reorders that come in merge into the original contact so we do not get duplicates.

We have also automated the sending out of delivery notes and invoices saving us so much time. We worked with icomplete team to ensure the software worked specifically for our business needs and the cost to do this was very reasonable.

Level of Support

The level of support we have received from our account manager has been excellent and the team are always willing to assist us when we have asked for help.


Stewart Maxwell, Managing Director, Schokolat

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