Richards Guitars

Richards Guitars

Richards Guitars offers a unique service offering the more discerning/knowledgeable buyer a host of ‘players benefits’ which will endure that ANY guitar purchased will give you years of enjoyment.

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What it means to us

My enthusiasm for icomplete CRM is genuine, since using icomplete there is no question that the software has helped my business go from strength to strength.

icomplete has increased my ability to respond to all new enquiries and turn these around into sales. The system enables me to be so organised – this means that I can manage new enquiries, respond quickly and without forgetting.

This in turn has given my customers increased confidence in my ability to service their guitar buying needs.

How it helps us

icomplete created a website enquiry form for my new website so that all enquiries received are automatically entered as a contact into my icomplete account.

This is a brilliant extra feature which not only tags these contacts in icomplete as ‘website-enquiry’ but also sends the person enquiring an automated email response from me to thank them and letting them know I will be in touch.

Why we would recommend

The brilliant support I receive from the team at icomplete really has helped me keep my business on track. The team respond quickly and keep me updated and willingly help me with any user issues I have.

Richards Guitars
Richards Guitars

Richard Cholerton

Our Customers

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