Prime Focus Worldwide

Prime Focus Worldwide

Prime Focus World is a global entertainment services company providing visual effects and stereo 3D conversion to major studios and filmmakers around the world.

What we needed

We inherited a more complex CRM legacy system, that was complex and difficult to use. The training cost thousands and the customer helpline wasn’t particularly helpful. We didn’t really need lots of complex features and reports we just wanted something simple and intuitive to help the sales team keep track of their contacts.

What we chose

It had to be something they wanted to use because it was useful. My assistant did some research and found icomplete on the web. We had a demo from Claire and were won over immediately. We signed up for a month’s trial, icomplete loaded some of our real data and we were off. With no more than an hours training we could start work straight away. Because it is web based we share it with our New York office too.

Why we would recommend

icomplete has become indispensable and the icomplete team couldn’t be more patient and helpful.

Prime Focus Worldwide
Prime Focus Worldwide

Sara Hill, Commercial Director

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