Network Learning Centres

Network Learning Centres

Network Learning Centres Ltd is a successful private learning provider delivering government funded programmes for nationally accredited qualifications to candidates of all ages. All training takes place in the workplace or by distance learning with minimum disruption to the working environment. In the last academic year, 95% of NLC candidates successfully completed their courses. For young people, we provide employability training and a wide range of apprenticeships opportunities leading to successful careers in professional occupations.

What it means to us

We use icomplete to keep all our contacts in one place, the system is simple to use and provides us with a full history for each contact on the system. It’s great to use for task management as you can associate tasks to your contacts so nothing gets forgotten and you even get email reminders before a task is due.

We segment our contacts into different categories using the tag feature which allows us to search for different groups of contacts.

emarketing campaigns – To be able to send out e-marketing campaigns directly from the system is great because it makes it easy to keep in touch with our candidates past and present. I like the report function which enables us to track and monitor the success of our e-marketing campaigns.

VoIP telephone system – We also use the phone system which again is so easy to use with the click to call feature it makes making a phone call so much quicker without actually having to dial in the number on the handset.

Why we would recommend

I would definitely recommend icomplete to others its really changed the way our business runs – with access from anywhere I can work both from home and the office.

Network Learning Centres
Network Learning Centres

Ted Stanley

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