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We have experience in several areas of the building industry and can help you with almost anything you might need to do in your home from fixing a leaky tap to a complete property renovation. Customer care and satisfaction are a priority for us and we strive to achieve this. We will work with you and always endeavour to deliver your expectations.

Apart from our main work activities we have, over the years, also developed good relationships with just about all other trades too making J V Trade Services a one stop shop for your home projects. Visit J V Trade Services website: www.jvtradeservices.co.uk

Why I chose icomplete?

I had looked online at the different CRM systems, most of which seemed to be geared towards large businesses. They didn’t seem tailor-made to what I needed. I read a couple of icomplete reviews and then telephoned for more information – after which I knew it was what I was looking for. icomplete is more suitable for a business my size and what makes it different is being able to customise the existing CRM to my specific needs.

How icomplete has helped my business

The chaos is now more organised! icomplete helps us keep on top of things. We can send out quotes and keep track of all our current jobs which were the key things we were struggling to do. Now I can see at a glance all the current jobs and also look back at quotes that I have sent out to clients in the past which saves so much time.

What features do you like?

The customised Pop up quote – I just click on a button and can send out the quote there and then or edit it before I send it out. It saves the quote inside the contact history so I can retrieve it later if I need to. I can push up contacts from icomplete into my Quickbooks accountancy package so everything is connected.

I also like the automated reminder feature and have set up annual boiler maintenance and gas safety certificate renewal reminders to trigger when they are due. It keeps everything organised and nothing gets missed.

Telephone/Online Support

Everyone seems very friendly and more than willing to help which is really important for me and my team to get answers to queries when we need to.

Why I recommend icomplete.com to other businesses?

The system is very personalised and you feel like an individual.

JV Trades
JV Trades

Jeff Vincent, Business Owner of JV Trades Ltd

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