First Call Repair

First Call Repair

First Call Repair is a Plumbing and Heating Company that covers the South East to South West of London area. They provide heating and plumbing repairs and call out services along with Landlords Gas Safety certificates and Boil Services.

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What we needed in a CRM system

We were struggling to keep track of appointments and future Gas Safety renewals. We needed a system that would automatically send out reminders to customers that their Gas Safety check was due again. We also needed a system that would capture any new leads filtering in from our busy website.

What it means to us

icomplete does everything that we need. The staff are really helpful and brilliant at demonstrating the software – they held our hand through the whole process of signing up to a new system.

The nice thing is they knew better what we needed than we did! The price was manageable and even the small bespoke parts of work were not too costly. We are also confident that moving forward we have their complete support, they really do look after their customers.

Email Receptor Service
All enquiries from our website go directly into our icomplete account with all contact information populated and these new enquiries are automatically tagged as ‘new-leads’. This allows us to see how many new leads come in on a daily basis from our website.

Custom Fields
Using Custom Fields we can capture important information for each of our customers such as when gas boiler services and renewals are due – this allows us to send out automated email reminders to customers reminding them a month before hand – this really is a very clever way of working.

What’s more the Custom Fields link directly into my icomplete Calendar – any due dates are then automatically populated in my calendar.

The calendar is great it keeps me up to date with all my appointments, its easy to see what’s been booked in and a great way to keep up to date I like viewing my calendar in the ‘Agenda’ format.

When I’m out and about on the road or on appointments I have access to my icomplete account from my iPad. This lets me see all new leads, appointments booked and a full history of all of my customers – my entire business is fully accessible instantly.

The reports feature allows me to track specific information such as the number of appointments in any given period – this is available in real-time so I can keep a track of the activity of our business and monitor any trends/changes.

Why I would recommend

The service is second to none, this is a forward thinking company who are always looking at new ways to improve their service. The training and support again are brilliant and they really do build a strong relationship with their customers. This has really made a huge positive difference to the way I run my business. icomplete CRM for small business.

First Call Repair
First Call Repair

First Call Repair

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