DPS Global Recruitment

DPS Global Recruitment

DPS Global Healthcare Recruitment is a specialist consultancy that handles the important job of hiring in the Healthcare Industry sector in the Gulf. We have offices based in Southampton, who focus on nursing staff, and Guernsey, who focus on doctors and physicians. Job hunting and recruiting can be a daunting, time consuming and stressful task, but with our efficient, effective and experienced team here at DPS Global, we can take the strain off your shoulders.

Why we chose

We use icomplete to enable us to work as a team, the services are excellent, very easy to use and good value for money. We can now record all information about our candidates and clients in one place, with all the history logged so the team can see what’s happening in the business.

icomplete enables me to see what’s going on when I’m away through the real-time reporting as I can keep up to date and see the progress being made for that reason it’s really really good.

Why we would recommend

The customer service we receive from icomplete is excellent. The staff are very efficient and really take note of what you say. I feel like they really understand my business.

DPS Global Recruitment
DPS Global Recruitment

Roger Seaforth, Managing Director

Our Customers

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