Dogus IVF Centre

Dogus IVF Centre

Dogus IVF Centre in Nicosia, North Cyprus specialises in reproductive medicine and strives to achieve positive results by providing patients with cutting edge services in a patient-friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Here in North Cyprus, we focus principally on reproductive medicine and its application through the most advanced treatments, without ever forgetting the most important part of the process… you.

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Why we chose

I wanted a system that was easy to use for the small team of people here at Dogus IVF Centre which allowed us all to keep in touch and record patient information. icomplete allowed us to set restrictions up so that only certain users can access certain information as it is of a confidential nature.

What it means to us

With icomplete I can keep up to date with all that is happening and using the tasks I can manage all my follow ups with patients. This really helps me to keep organised each day and in turn helps with keeping our clients happy.

Why we would recommend

I would definitely recommend icomplete to other businesses as an easy to use system plus the help and support provided by icomplete is very helpful as well as really useful online resources to access.

Dogus IVF Centre
Dogus IVF Centre

Julie Hodson, International Patients Coordinator

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