DJB Recycling

DJB Recycling

DJB Recycling are a family run organisation offering a cradle to grave waste management service across the UK. Whether it be internal recycling for small offices or a total, turn-key solution for a National Distribution Centre, we can provide solutions that will, reduce volumes sent to landfill, increase recycling, create revenue streams, reduce costs whilst at the same time reducing your carbon footprint.

What it means to us

Using icomplete has made a big difference to our business as before we were very disorganised, everything was paper based and trying to find essential information was a nightmare with things getting misplaced all the time.

Now our business is so much more efficient, the software really proved its worth earlier this year when we were approached by a major company to provide them with waste management. As a result of using icomplete we had instant access to all information and were successful in winning this contract, I think without it we would probably have lost this contract due to being so disorganised.

Why we would recommend

I would without hesitation recommend using icomplete to any business as it’s easy to use, cost effective and the benefits to our company have already been numerous.

Our Customers

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