FCA CRM Telephony PCI Compliant

FCA CRM telephony PCI compliant software with built-in call recording. It is ideal for businesses within the financial sector. It offers an affordable, easy to set up system with many powerful features.

Automated Work Flow

  • Track sales and client renewal dates with automated rule triggers via automated tasks, email or sms reminders
  • Ensure the sale process and follow ups are done in a timely manner
  • Forecasting and projections reporting to measure incoming revenue
  • Automated client reminders and follow up tasks for annual tax returns, monthly payroll, CIS reminders, policy renewals, insurance reminders

FCA CRM Telephony PCI compliant

  • Financial organisations are able to keep on the right side of the FCA guidelines:
  • Integrated VoIP telephony call recording/muting, click2call – PCI compliant
  • Pop up scripting to avoid mis-selling of products or services

E-signature Documentation

  • Direct Mail letters just 54p per letter to print, post and send from the system to clients
  • E-signature legal documentation for signed contracts or annual renewals

FCA crm telephony pci compliant
Complete history all in one place

Complete history all in one place

  • All conversations and communications stored in a contact and shared by the team.
  • Store email, meetings, tasks, notes, documents, emarketing and SMS campaigns, eFAX, voicemail, call recording and SMS messaging.
  • Captured in real-time and shared online, accessed from anywhere. Nothing gets missed or duplicated.
Centralised call tracking system

Centralised call tracking system

  • Track & monitor team call activity all online from anywhere.
  • Analyse call logs – call costs, caller ID, call duration, missed calls, etc.
  • See team and individual call activity and productivity with call reporting, ideal for sales teams.
Share information with the team

Share information with the team

  • Real-time emarketing activity is available centrally to all of the team.
  • Email campaigns stored inside each contact including their activity and results.
  • Sales teams can respond instantly without getting lost in long lists and statistics.

icomplete CRM for small business works with:

Use icomplete from your iPhone, Blackberry or Android smartphone iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry & Android smartphones
Fully compatible with Chrome, Safari and Firefox Google Chrome, Safari & Firefox compatible
Works with iPad, Surface, Google, Kindle and Android tablets iPad, Surface, Google Nexus 7, Kindle Fire & Android tablets
Works with Mac, Windows and Unbuntu Mac, Windows, Unbuntu & Linux systems
Synchronises with Outlook Synchronise with Outlook Contacts & Calendars
Import Excel spreadsheets, CSV or vCard data Import Excel spreadsheets, CSV or vCard data
Integrates with Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook Hotmail, Windows Live, Google's Gmail & Yahoo!
Integrates with Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook Integrates with Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook
Call recording, caller ID, call reports, click2call, voicemail in email Call recording, reports, caller ID, Click2Call & voicemail in email