Cloud based CRM, marketing & telephony

icomplete differs from others because its cloud based CRM software features are built-in and work seamlessly. No 3rd party plug-in set up headaches to contend with. It costs from as little as £35 a month for a small team and is packed with lots of powerful cloud-based CRM technology:

  • Marketing Software with Direct Mail letters & postcards service and email and SMS marketing
  • Automated Text, Task and Email reminders i.e. annual servicing, renewals, tax returns, appointment reminders
  • Work Flow Automation with integrated form and letter templates, booking software and trigger button call backs
  • Electronic Signatures – Send out documents to be signed by clients and feed straight back into their contact record
  • VoIP Telephony – cheap calls and free features – click2call, call reporting, call recording & voicemail in email
  • Affordable Customisation – designed to meet your specific needs and budget


Cloud CRM VoIP telephony

Bringing together all the tools together in one place

Work Smartly and slash your costs significantly by moving from multiple software systems to a Complete CRM that is a cloud based CRM solution without comprising on the quality of service and features.

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Complete history all in one place

Complete history all in one place

  • All conversations and communications stored in a contact and shared by the team.
  • Store email, meetings, tasks, notes, documents, emarketing and SMS campaigns, eFAX, voicemail, call recording and SMS messaging.
  • Captured in real-time and shared online, accessed from anywhere. Nothing gets missed or duplicated.
Centralised call tracking system

Centralised call tracking system

  • Track & monitor team call activity all online from anywhere.
  • Analyse call logs – call costs, caller ID, call duration, missed calls, etc.
  • See team and individual call activity and productivity with call reporting, ideal for sales teams.
Share information with the team

Share information with the team

  • Real-time emarketing activity is available centrally to all of the team.
  • Email campaigns stored inside each contact including their activity and results.
  • Sales teams can respond instantly without getting lost in long lists and statistics.


icomplete CRM for small business works with:

Use icomplete from your iPhone, Blackberry or Android smartphone iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry & Android smartphones
Fully compatible with Chrome, Safari and Firefox Google Chrome, Safari & Firefox compatible
Works with iPad, Surface, Google, Kindle and Android tablets iPad, Surface, Google Nexus 7, Kindle Fire & Android tablets
Works with Mac, Windows and Unbuntu Mac, Windows, Unbuntu & Linux systems
Synchronises with Outlook Synchronise with Outlook Contacts & Calendars
Import Excel spreadsheets, CSV or vCard data Import Excel spreadsheets, CSV or vCard data
Integrates with Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook Hotmail, Windows Live, Google's Gmail & Yahoo!
Integrates with Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook Integrates with Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook
Call recording, caller ID, call reports, click2call, voicemail in email Call recording, reports, caller ID, Click2Call & voicemail in email