Customers using icomplete contact management CRM

Since icomplete started in 2009 we have been helping small businesses build relationships, track opportunities and manage their business.

Many of our small business customers and sales teams were using old fashioned, slow or complicated CRM: Act, Goldmine, NetSuite, Salesforce, Outlook or Excel spread-sheets to manage their Contacts. They wanted a better contact management CRM solution that was not expensive or complexvfor the team to learn. They chose icomplete the #1 new breed of Contact management software.

Access to our in-house Development Team has enabled many customers to customise icomplete further to suit their specific business requirements without the huge expense of starting from scratch. They benefit from the existing features but easily incorporate some additional bespoke functionality of their own.

But don’t take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us.


We knew we needed a solution to merge data about journalists we were contacting. As a small agency we never dreamt we could have a database personalised for our use. Since we have found icomplete we can now concentrate on the important things.

Hilary Frohlich, Director

Neat Public Relations

Using icomplete has made a big difference to our business as before we were very disorganised, everything was paper based and trying to find essential information was a nightmare. Now our business is so much more efficient, the software really proved its worth.

Darren Bland, Director

DJB Recycling

Our Customers

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