About icomplete.com

We’ve been setting up and running successful businesses on our own and with partners over the past 20 years.

We genuinely wanted to help business people to be more productive and grow their businesses using the latest cloud-based tools all-in-one place. And so icomplete was created, a new breed of CRM born in the cloud.

icomplete is a business software platform that can be customised whatever the industry sector, it is affordable but does not compromise on quality features with an intuitive interface. A service that is constantly evolving to embrace converging technology and business market trends to ensure it will never stay static or out dated.

We are a UK based company with a global presence. We pride ourself on our excellent customer support where you can speak to a real person on our help desk. Meet some of our team.

The icomplete team

Stuart Hibbert

Stuart Hibbert CEO & Technical Director

Stuart worked in computer games development then moved to online publishing in the mid-nineties. He co-founded Network Innovations to develop web presences for Microsoft and Condé Nast. Later, at TPD he developed award-winning interactive agency Fusion Interactive for the BBC, Compaq, European Commission, Fidelity Investments, Gateway and Sony, Microsoft and Oracle. He co-founded X200 in 2002 to provide citizen account solutions to local government and sold the business in 2006 to Gandlake.


The most important lesson I learned from designing computer games is that if it's not easy and fun to use, people just won't use it. It's a simple fact that developers often neglect but I see it as the key to a new era of business software.

Richard Thomas

Richard Thomas Business Development Director

Richard’s background and skillset is marketing products and services on a global basis through country licensees and partnerships. His entrepreneur background provides an excellent foundation for helping other business entrepreneurs seize exciting opportunities that they can optimise in their local markets.


There is nothing more satisfying than helping global entrepreneurs worldwide grasp new business opportunities through cloud technology. Giving them the ability to adapt, share and market cutting edge CRM software locally to small businesses and teams.

Emre Mater

Emre Mater Senior Developer

Emre has worked for a variety of corporate business organisations such as Sony, in a technical capacity from banking to IT consultancy and brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to icomplete


The greatest and most rewarding thing about developing business software for Small Business is being able to push the boundaries. To use the latest technology to produce exciting and affordable products which change how businesses work.

Helen Oswald

Helen Oswald Client Support Manager

Helen Oswald’s background is in business support and training. She worked for Business Link and then as Sales and Marketing Manager for a small training company. She understands the importance of software usability and marketing tools to improve efficiency and profitability in a business.


I understand the issues facing small businesses having used many different CRM systems. My training background enables me to support clients and help them utilise icomplete specific to their needs so that the team get up to speed quickly and easily.

Claire Hibbert


Claire Hibbert ran the technical help-desk at Microprose UK and later set up her own health and beauty business. Now she is the co-founder of icomplete.com and wants to deliver a CRM platform that has everything all-in-one place. Claire is able to use her technical problem solving skills and business acumen helping clients on customisation projects.


I ran my own company for eight years so I know what small businesses really need - and what just gets in the way. I want to provide the tools that help people to grow and manage their businesses more easily.